Lead Effectively

Leadership Theory & Practice

Further your leadership knowledge and skills through practical application with the Leadership Minor.

You’ll discover your passions as you explore a wide range of leadership topics. These topics include argumentation and debate, communications, philosophy, sociology, outdoor education, management, organizational theory, total quality management, and ethics.

You’ll gain real-world experience. You’ll discover a wide range of leadership practicum & internship opportunities, both on-campus and with local businesses and organizations.


College For Undergraduate Teaching

  • Program Coordinator
  • Faculty Leader
  • Human Resources
  • Entrepreneurship
  • General Management
  • Management and Leadership Rotational Career Programs
  • Organization Management
  • Career Training  and Development
  • Postsecondary education administrator
  • Medical and health services managers
  • Exposure to activities such as shadowing, workshops, informational interviews, and lecture series.
  • Comprehend perspectives on leadership including theory, practice, styles, and models.
  • Develop a dynamic personal philosophy of what leadership means.
  • Apply what you learning with leadership excursions.
  • Learn to demonstrate critical thinking through oral and written communication skills.

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Leadership Theory & Practice Faculty