Mural for the MET

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Written by Chloe McGee

Brevard College graduate Tom Ruple currently works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and was recently selected to paint a mural for the museum’s newly renovated information systems lab.

Ruple heard of the opportunity through the company-wide newsletter and was encouraged by his supervisor to apply.

The application required Ruple to submit his resume, a concept outline, budget, time table and an artist statement to a board of MET executives for review.

Ruple was selected from an extensive list of applicants to paint the mural.

The project took him approximately 21 hours over the course of three days to complete.

“This little robot is actually a doodle I used to draw in my school notebooks,” Ruple said. “And although it’s a departure of my typical work, I found it fitting to present some of the roots in my artistic journey.”

Although the mural is in the building’s corporate section and not visible to the public, Ruple can honestly say that his art is in one of the world’s greatest museums. That alone is a huge accomplishment and is something Ruple should be very proud of.

“I’m very excited to share my work in a place that I love and have so much respect for,” Ruple said. “I look forward to seeing what opportunities come from this honor.”