Outside Magazine Features Brevard College’s Wilderness Leadership and Education (WLEE) Program


By Reagan Lane, History Major, Web Content Writer

Outside Magazine recently featured Brevard College’s Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education program (WLEE) in an article detailing the top outdoor schools in the United States. The article focused on the program’s commitment to producing marketable skills and Brevard College’s dedication to experiential education.

Featured among graduate programs and large state schools, Outside Magazine commends Brevard College and the WLEE program for providing its students with the skills needed to thrive and adapt to the ever-changing outdoor industry.

WLEE focuses on preparing students for all aspects of outdoor careers. Providing classes from rock climbing and whitewater kayaking to outdoor program administration and risk management, students gain skills in both practical and theoretical avenues of the outdoor industry that can be applied to an array of careers.

Outside Magazine focuses on delivering content concerning all areas of the outdoor industry, including gear, travel, education, business, and more. Brevard College is honored to be recognized as a top school in outdoor education.