Phillip Whack, `01, Band Member on The Voice, Champions Music Performance Major

Alumni News

Alumnus Phillip Whack `01 is no stranger to taking the big stage for his talents as a musician. While a Music Performance major at Brevard College, Phillip remembers practicing his saxophone and clarinet regularly, thanks to his professors at BC.

“Dr. David Kirby and Dr. Jon Gudmundson were very influential and left a big imprint on my life. Everything they taught me impacted me, and I can never thank them enough.” Phillip’s dedication to his music at BC helped guide him to where he is today.

After Brevard, Phillip moved to Asheville and played with the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Phillip learned how to be a professional musician during this period and traveled worldwide. From here, Phillip continued to thrive and shared the stage with several well-known artists and musicians: Maceo Parker, Clarence Clemmons, Fantasia, Fred Wesley, Wycliffe Gordon, Tom Browne, Lenny Kravitz, Branford Marsalis, The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, The Four Tops, The Ojays, and several others.

In 2019, Phillip moved to Los Angeles and shared recording sessions with Justin Timberlake, Robin Thick, and TLC, and he is now a current band member on The Voice.

“Brevard College prepared me for this. I always wanted to be better, and my professors always passed on the greatest knowledge to me. They were great teachers academically, but also taught me life lessons.”

Two of Phillip’s favorite professional memories have been playing overseas with the Glenn Miller Orchestra and playing with TLC at the Hollywood Bowl in July of 2022.

When asked for advice on advancing in his profession, Phillip said, “Just do it because you love it and be the best you can be at it. Also, be nice because you never know who you will meet and who will open the doors for you. It’s nice to be important but far more important to be nice.”