Learning to care


Studying Pre-Nursing at Brevard College will help you immerse yourself into the curriculum designed to prepare you for a career in hospital caregiving.

You'll earn your B.S. degree in Heath Science Studies, which will prepare you for additional student in innumerable healthcare related fields including nursing.

What you’ll experience in the Pre-Nursing program

  • An education with a strong liberal arts foundation.
  • Teachers and mentors who help you explore, nurture, and expand your interests.
  • Guidance so you can hit developmental and procedural milestones and be prepared to apply for graduate and professional programs.

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Students interested in pre-dentistry, pre-medicine, pre-nursing, pre-veterinary, and other pre-health professional school studies may major in Biology or Health Science Studies in the Division of Science and Mathematics or major in Integrated Studies with appropriate emphases. For acceptance to some professional schools, students may choose any major, taking courses required for the professional school in the Division of Science and Mathematics.

Career Opportunities

  • Graduate Studies in Nursing or other heathcare related field
  • Nursing Aide or Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Hospital Administration

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