Ukraine Essay Published By A Brevard College Faculty Member


After speaking at the World Affairs Councils of America’s (WACA) 2023 National Conference this past November, an essay by Brevard College faculty member Dr. Jordan Kuck has been published that evaluates the geo-political impacts of the war in Ukraine at a time when the world is marking the two-year anniversary of the invasion.

Kuck is Associate Professor of History, Chair of the Humanities Division, and Director of the Honors Program at Brevard College. His spotlight address at the WACA conference last fall was entitled “How the War in Ukraine Melted Frozen Conflicts in the Baltic States.” As he explained prior to the event, his goal was to walk through what had happened since 2022 up to that point, then put those developments in the context of history, how they have “upended our understanding of Baltic history.”

Kuck was one of three experts to present a Council Spotlight Breakout session at the event.

“It was both an inspiring and terrifying experience,” reflected Kuck on the conference. “Inspiring to meet thought leaders who have contributed to the building of peace, and terrifying that those same people are scared about what’s happening right now. But it’s always reassuring when you meet people who are more well-known than you who are still very down-to-earth.”

In recent weeks, Kuck also recently gave a public address entitled “What We Know So Far: Explaining the Origins and Possible Outcomes of the War in Ukraine” at the Blue Ridge Center for Lifelong Learning. Now, his latest assessment appears in the Council for European Studies’s online publication, EuropeNow, in a special volume on Ukraine.

“At Brevard College, we strive to promote meaningful conversations and self-driven learning between our students and faculty,” said Dr. Jennifer Frick-Ruppert, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty. “Having your work published is important for any faculty member. Not only does it add value directly to our classrooms and students, but it allows us to share our knowledge and passion to educate a wider audience. Dr. Kuck is a great example of the high caliber of faculty we attract to Brevard College and it’s wonderful to see his expertise being recognized so widely.”