Student Spotlight: Timiah McGhee

Timiah McGhee leading a protest against police brutality (1)

Brevard College Junior Timiah McGhee is a Business and Organizational Leadership (BORG) major and Criminal Justice minor. From Dover, Delaware, Timiah plans to attend law school to become a criminal defense attorney. When she found Brevard, she was looking for a college far away from home in order to establish her independence and one where she could play college Volleyball. Her first impression of Brevard College was that it was a small, friendly community. Timiah said, “It was really cool to wake up to the breath-taking views.”

Timiah has grown to be a leader on and off campus and serves as a Resident Advisor in Housing and Campus Life, she is on the board of the Black Student Union and is chair holder for community engagement. These roles have allowed Timiah to learn through experience, even outside the classroom. She said, “Coming to Brevard gave me opportunities to thrive in leadership positions.”

In the classroom, Timiah feels supported by her professors, especially since the small campus community provides opportunities for her to interact with them at Myers Dining Hall or Bill’s Coffee Shop. The course that influenced Timiah most was Dr. Tim Power’s Introduction to the Crime Scene. Dr. Powers recently returned to law enforcement with the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office. Timiah said, “With each Intro to Crime Scene class session, we experienced something new and I walked away each class having learned something new.”

On the court, Timiah made her collegiate debut in 2019 as a middle blocker, and had 24 kills in her first season, appearing in 18 matches and 46 sets for the BC Tornados. She was named the Tornados’ representative on the USA South Conference Volleyball All-Sportsmanship Team. She has also risen to a new challenge to manage the men’s Basketball Team, which has connected her with an additional group of student athletes. She said, “My favorite thing about being a manager for the men’s Basketball team is that I gained a boat load of friends I can call my brothers.”

Timiah makes a difference in the Brevard community as chair holder for community engagement with the Black Student Union where she organized two protests against police brutality in fall 2020 and spring 2021. Timiah said, “It was eye opening to have the support of students, staff, faculty, and the community with us, as we walked around campus and through downtown Brevard.”

As a BORG major, Timiah benefits from the experiential learning model at Brevard College and her favorite courses are Accounting and Information Technology. Reflecting on how her course work directly connects to her life as a college student, she said, “I can use the skills I learned for basic everyday tasks, and it has helped me with budgeting.”