Brevard College Students Return to Improved Campus


Brevard College completed a wide range of campus and facility improvements over the summer, adding beauty, comfort, and progress to the Brevard College experience.

“We have worked hard to improve our facilities and grounds to support our academic programs, to enhance our experiential learning environment, and to provide a campus that is both safe and comfortable for our community,” said President David C. Joyce.

This summer’s campus improvements include the restructuring of the Betty Neale Academic Quad that lies just beyond the iconic campus bell tower. Students will return to a revitalized community walkway. The restructuring improves the safety and comfort of this highly trafficked quad, which is the setting for Brevard College’s commencement ceremony as well as other campus events. 

In anticipation of an enrollment of 750 incoming students, eleven new student rooms were added to Beam Residence Hall. Campus roads have been repaired. Numerous roofs that suffered hail damage this spring were either repaired or replaced. The gutters were replaced on all three buildings surrounding the Betty Neale Academic Quad. 

The Moore Science building received updates to improve both heating and air conditioning, while the annex saw repairs to improve air quality and laboratory safety. 

The third floor of the McLarty-Goodson Building was remodeled into four crime scene rooms to serve as experiential labs for criminal justice majors.  

Laura Vance, Professor of Sociology and Division Chair for Social Science said these crime labs “allow students in Criminal Justice courses to work in a more realistic setting as they engage in experiential learning to learn to identify, collect, examine, and document crime scene evidence.”

Students will return to an improved Brevard College campus on August 16th. You are invited to help us welcome these students and their families to the Brevard community. 

Brevard College is consistently recognized as one of the best liberal arts colleges. The College’s focus on experiential learning, small class sizes, and location the mountains of Western North Carolina near Asheville makes Brevard a top choice college for students around the world.