To Infinity and Beyond

Physics and Astronomy

In the Physics and Astronomy Minor, you'll explore the world of physics as it applies to the most interesting physical phenomena in the universe.

You'll learn to map and analyze celestial objects, from stars in other galaxies to the planets in our solar system. You'll also gain critical thinking skills that apply to more than physics and astronomy. These skills will prepare you to succeed in and out of the classroom and in your profession.


College For Undergraduate Teaching

  • Analyst/Data Scientist
  • Physicist
  • Planetologist
  • Astronomer/Technician at a telescope facility
  • Consultant
  • Research Manager
  • Medical physicist
  • Meteorologist / Climate Scientist
  • Explore everything from the subnuclear to the cosmological by gaining a foundation in planetary physics, the structure of the cosmos, and more.
  • Explore physics from a comprehensive astronomical perspective.
  • Apply what you’re learning with Brevard’s dedication to experiential academics. With tons of opportunities for immersive fieldwork and research, you’ll be able to interact with your studies.
  • Work with professors one-on-one to explore celestial phenomena thanks to Brevard’s small class sizes.
  • Conduct your own research and learn to analyze and interpret information critically.

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