The Language of Science


Mathematics is everywhere in our world. It is a language for communicating. It is a building, a tree, an engineering project, and in the world of business where data and mathematics determine how decisions are made.

This program is designed to prepare you for career paths including teaching, graduate school, business and finance, biomathematics, and many other options.

Read this article on Brevard's Mathematics program and the exceptional faculty who work with students to ensure their success.

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What you’ll experience in the Mathematics program

  • Use motion detectors in Calculus labs to relate position and velocity graphs.
  • Participate in investigations involving coins, cards, and M&Ms in probability and statistics.
  • Use MAPLE, MATLAB, and GEOMETER’s SKETCHPAD software to enhance learning in appropriate math classes and labs.
  • Seniors in senior seminar get to teach faculty and peers about their research.
  • Get the opportunity to study interesting topics like cosmology, combinatorics, and complex analysis.

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Mathematics majors receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Mathematics. You can pair your Mathematics degree with a 9-12 Math Teacher Licensure.

For math majors not pursuing teacher licensure, an academic minor in another field (such as Business and Organizational Leadership, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, etc.) is encouraged. Minors in Mathematics and Physics & Astronomy are also available.

Career Opportunities

  • Education
  • Academic Counseling
  • Engineering
  • Business Analytics
  • Chemist
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Hospital administration
  • Environmental advocacy
  • Technical and professional communication
  • Graduate studies






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