Professor Exhibits Work at University of South Carolina at Beaufort

2047_Brevard 2017.09_7303

Sculptures by Brevard College Associate Professor of Art Kyle Van Lusk and Adjunct Instructor Aaron Alderman are currently on display at the Sea Islands Center Art Gallery on the campus of the University of South Carolina at Beaufort.

The University’s “Out of the Fire” show offers a great glimpse at the cast iron and welded steel sculptures of Lusk and Alderman, who are both graduates of Brevard College.

The coastal background is a new venue for Lusk’s piece “Journey to the Top of Looking Glass” featured outside of the gallery. The 14’x5’sculpture is cast iron and welded steel. Inside the gallery, Lusk displays seven brand new smaller cast iron sculptures created at the Brevard College iron pour in October. The work is on loan to the University of South Carolina at Beaufort for one year.

Alderman’s three haunting figures, which were formerly displayed outside Brevard College’s Sims Art Building, now grace the gallery, with a view of the tides. These figures, named Pathos, Sweet and Lost and Found, stand 7 feet tall and are made from steel and copper.

The show will run through November 9.