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Scholarship Day Awards

Scholarship Day is an opportunity for you to interview for scholarships and grants that combine with your previously awarded Half-Tuition and Merit Scholarship!

Interviews are short, approximately 15 minutes, and typically take place with a faculty member, graduate, or other Brevard College community member.

Scholarship Day award amounts vary.

You’ll also have an opportunity to audition for a Fine Arts Scholarship. If you'd like to audition for a Music Scholarship, complete the Music Audition Application.

If you'd like to audition for a Theatre Scholarship, complete the Theatre Audition Application

Brevard also awards Fine Arts Scholarships for visual artists. Click here for portfolio requirements and submission information.

The Institute for Women in Leadership (IWIL) and Honors Program interviews also occur on Scholarship Day. 


On Scholarship Day, you will...

Interview for Scholarship Day, Fine Arts, Honors, and/or Institute for Women in Leadership Scholarships, take a campus tour and see a residence hall with a Student Ambassador, learn more about Brevard's commitment to experiential teaching and learning, and gain insider tips on how to maximize your financial aid award

Bring your family with you!

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Scholarship Day is Saturday, February 15!

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