Major or Minor in Chemistry

The Science of Structure, Composition & Properties

The possibilities of a chemistry career are always expanding.

Brevard College


A major in Chemistry at Brevard College will strengthen your studies in other sciences and equip you to become an active professional in your field. Brevard students graduate prepared to confidently pursue their career with a strong education and the applied experience.

Work 1 on 1

with Chemistry Faculty On Your Research

While earning your Chemistry degree at Brevard, you'll collaborate with chemistry experts that are published in their field. As you develop your own research interests and aims, your professors will help you focus your efforts into a promising career.


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About the Chemistry Program

Brevard College's Chemistry Program strikes the perfect balance between theory, field work, and equipping you with job-ready skills.

  • Biochemist
  • Chemist and Material Scientist
  • Chemistry Educator
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Chemical Plant Operator
  • Chemistry Technician
  • Environmental Scientists and Specialists
  • Forensic Science Technician
  • Manufacturing Quality Control Manager
  • Medical Scientist
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Biotechnologist
  • Healthcare Scientist, Clinical Biochemistry
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Nanotechnologist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Research Scientist (physical sciences)
  • Study the matter of the universe with experiential opportunities for classes and projects.
  • Explore the laws and properties of atoms and molecules.
  • Look at the world of chemistry from multiple, career-specific perspectives like environmental or forensic approaches to chemistry.
  • Explore the principles of chemistry, organic chemistry, environmental chemistry, and biochemistry to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject.
  • Study real-world forensic and environmental issues, as well as develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills you need to provide solutions and answers. 

You'll earn your Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemistry. You can also minor in Chemistry.

"I highly recommend Brevard for the opportunity to expand your thinking, enlighten your experience and to grow as a person."

- Cynthia 
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