Technical Knowledge & Communication Skills

Digital Media

The Digital Media concentration will explore the various ways in which computer-based processes can be utilized in our daily lives. Through extensive use of Adobe's Creative Suite, you will explore all the elements that make out image saturated world exhilarating - this includes print design, animation, audio recording, video work, and motion graphics. Under this track you will come out ready to create new and exciting content for our digital world.



  • Advertising Manager
  • Animator
  • Art Director
  • Computer Programmer
  • Digital Audio Technician
  • Digital Graphic Artist
  • Digital Imaging Manager
  • Digital Video Editor
  • E-business Consultant / Manager
  • Marketing Expert / Manager
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Online Database Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Technology Support Specialist
  • Web Developer / Manager
  • Gain skill sets using programs within the Adobe Creative Suite. 
  • Discover how to communicate effectively through the use of various digital technology and media.
  • Develop a diverse set of skills, including analytical, artistic, and technical skills.

Digital Media is one of the concentrations available in the Art program. Other options include Art HistoryPainting/DrawingPhotographySculpture, and Time Based Media.

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Digital Media Faculty