Turn your passion into a profession


You can study painting  with dedicated faculty who will help you shape your passions into a viable, successful profession.

The painting concentration combines fundamental studies of light, color, composition, and technique.


The concentration in painting/drawing will extend your creative skills and help build your portfolio. You’ll also learn to think globally and be able to visually speak to contemporary issues. Bring conversation to your canvas and explore your practice!


College For Undergraduate Teaching

Painting/Drawing minors can enter into any field or profession! Here's a small sample:

  • Fine Artist
  • Digital Artist
  • Art Educator
  • Illustrator
  • Designer
  • Gallery Owner
  • Gallery Curator
  • Exhibition designer
  • Printmaker
  • Explore traditional techniques and foundational studies as well as contemporary or experimental practices for a comprehensive approach to painting.
  • Explore the foundations and formulas behind aesthetics in order to incorporate stronger, more effect compositions into your work.
  • Build your professional portfolio throughout your academic journey with a wide array of projects that give you the opportunity to create your best work yet.

Painting is one of the concentrations available in the Art program. Other options include Art History, Digital Media, Photography, Sculpture, and Time Based Media.


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