Campus Renovations In Progress

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Campus renovations are in full swing this summer! Keep a look out for the following updates and improvements.

  • Plans are underway to update the Underground in Coltrane Commons into a gaming area complete with revamped furniture.
  • Construction on the newest off campus residence halls, Brevard Place, is on schedule to accommodate our rapidly expanding student body.
  • We paved the back road near the baseball field.
  • The Porter Center for the Performing Arts received new paint, carpet, and landscaping.
  • The track will be resurfaced in Brevard Blue to match the new football playing surface.
  • We’re preparing to pave the North Entrance in front of Sims Art Center.
  • The McLarty Goodson (MG) academic building will get new AC units.
  • Myers Dining Hall will be expanded to accommodate a much larger student body.
  • The lacrosse and soccer teams will enjoy new locker rooms in Boshamer Gymnasium.
  • Stage lighting, electrical, and sound upgrades will be installed in Dunham Auditorium.
  • New paint and lighting will be added to East Jones Residence Hall.
  • Follow the new campus signs to visit the improvements around campus!