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Digital Art

The Digital Art Concentration explores the various ways in which computer-based processes are utilized in artistic expression.


Through extensive use of Adobe's Creative Suite, you will explore many of the elements that make our digital world exhilarating such as animation, digital image-making, sound art, and video work. Under this track, you will graduate ready to create new and exciting content for the digital industry.


For Undergraduate Teaching

  • Advertising Manager
  • Animator
  • Art Director
  • Computer Programmer
  • Digital Audio Technician
  • Digital Graphic Artist
  • Digital Imaging Manager
  • Digital Video Editor
  • E-business Consultant / Manager
  • Marketing Expert / Manager
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Online Database Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Technology Support Specialist
  • Web Developer / Manager
  • Gain skill sets using programs within the Adobe Creative Suite. 
  • Discover how to communicate effectively through the use of various digital technology and media.
  • Develop a diverse set of skills, including analytical, artistic, and technical skills.

Digital Media is one of the concentrations available in the Art program. Other options include Art HistoryPainting/DrawingPhotographySculpture, and Time Based Media.

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