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Teacher Licensure

"Brevard College prepared me to work for an all inclusive education and support students across multiple schools in our district. Work to remove barriers for students, families, and teachers to help students access their education." -Kortney, Brevard College Graduate. 

In Brevard’s Teacher Licensure Program, you get to start learning, teaching, and applying your knowledge from your first day on the path to mentoring our next generation.

Gain direct experience through both purposeful fieldwork and experiential teaching. At Brevard, you don’t just study elementary science—you learn it by tracking Monarch butterflies. You don’t just memorize reading comprehension theory—you get to apply it by working as a literacy tutor to struggling readers.

Brevard also offers a major in Childhood Education with two concentration areas: Elementary Education and (K-6) and Early Childhood Education (B-K).

  • Elementary Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • Math Teacher
  • Social Studies Teacher
  • Art Teacher
  • Music Teacher
  • Health and PE Teacher
  • Theatre Teacher
  • Agricultural Education Teacher
  • Service Learning places you in diverse settings such as Schenk Job Corps, Rise and Shine Freedom School, Boys and Girls Club, and El Centro.
  • Fieldwork gives you a glimpse of innovative school sites such as Expeditionary Learning School and Early College
  • LEARN CHICAGO program offers immersion in English Language Learning and urban education.
  • I-Pad Initiative prepares digitally savvy 21st-century teachers.
  • Discover student teaching opportunities in the surrounding county school systems early in your education.

Teacher Licensure areas include Agriculture EducationElementary Education K-6, English 9-12, Mathematics 9-12, Science 9-12, Social Studies 9-12, Art K-12, Music K-12, Health and Physical Education K-12, and Theatre K-12. Minors in EducationExperiential Education, and Early Childhood Education are also available.

Additional Resources for Future Teachers

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