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Health Science

Health Science major is the right choice for students interested in a variety of health-related professions.

The program includes all the courses required by professional schools and opportunities for internships and research, so students can be prepared for their next career step.

Employment in health science occupations is expected to grow 16 %  by 2030, much faster than all other occupations. The median annual wage for health science is also higher than for all occupations.




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Ariadna. Currently working for CRODA, a Raw materials multinational company that is developing the newest and trend products in Pharma and Personal Care sectors in Barcelona, Spain.

"I have very good memories of Brevard, I learned a lot about the business world, and they gave me the chance to discover what I liked most. Very grateful for that. Of course, I wasn't a native English speaker since I was raised and born in Spain, but when I was there, I felt like anyone else, regarding language but also culture and friendship".


Michaela. Currently working Advanced EMT in Anderson County, TN.

"My degree exposed me to many different thought processes and non-tangible things, which ultimately made me a better person. I have a greater ability to read and understand papers, to research and write, and be a more educated person. Through my health science classes, I came into this field with a much broader understanding of physical examinations and assessments, which allow me to better serve and take care of my patients."


Adrian Isa. Currently attending the second year of College of Veterinary Medicine at NC State University to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in Raleigh, NC.

The goal of the Health Science major is to develop a fundamental understanding of the

physical, psychological, and biochemical aspects of human health. As a Health Science major, you will:

  • Complete courses in all the areas required by healthcare professions, such as molecular biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, bioethics, and psychology, among others.
  • Collaborate with other interdisciplinary academic program like Chemistry, Exercise Science, Biology, or Psychology.
  • Choose and complete a career-related internship outside of your classroom for academic credit.
  • Discover research opportunities at Brevard College and in the community.

You'll receive a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Science. A minor in Health Science Studies is also available.

This program is designed for you to enter programs in a variety of healthcare professions including dentistry, medicine, nursing, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, public health, physical therapy, and sports medicine. A minor in Health Science Studies is also available.