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Director of Community Engagement and Leadership

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Studio Supervisor

Associate Dean for Student Success and Advising

Cam Austin - BC Faculty
Associate Professor of Information Technology and Business & Organizational Leadership

Tom Bell - BC Faculty
Associate Professor of Religion/ Humanities Division Chair/ Coordinator of Religious Studies Major/ Assessment Coordinator/ LINC Coordinator

Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Looking Glass Rock Writers' Conference

Hernan Biava
Assistant Professor of Chemistry/ Coordinator for the Health Science Major

Assistant Professor of Business and Organizational Leadership

Assistant Professor of Theatre/ Coordinator of the Theatre Major

Director of Alumni Affairs

Costume Design

Mel Bringle - BC Faculty
Professor of Religious Studies/ Coordinator of the Integrated Studies Major

Marg Brown
Associate Professor History/ Coordinator of the History Major

Cindy Bryson - BC Faculty
Registration Operations Specialist

John Buford - BC Faculty
Associate Professor of Wilderness Leadership & Experiential Education / Coordinator of Wilderness Leadership & Experiential Education Major

Matt Bummer - BC Faculty
Head Athletic Trainer

Lee Burgess - BC Faculty
Assistant Athletic Director / Head Men's Basketball Coach

Betsy Burrows - BC Faculty
Professor of Teacher Education/ Director of Teacher Licensure Program

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Robert Cabin - BC Faculty
Professor of Ecology/ Environmental Science/ Honors Program Director

Clyde Carter - BC Faculty
Associate Professor of Wilderness Leadership & Experiential Education

Mike Castelaz - BC Faculty
Associate Professor of Physics/ Coordinator of the Applied Physics Major

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Assistant Director of Communications

Assistant Coordinator for Student Engagement

Anne Chapin - BC Faculty
Professor of Art History and Archaeology

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Adjunct Instructor – French Horn

Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty

Associate Dean of Students/ Deputy IX Coordinator

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Assistant Professor of Business and Organizational Leadership

Myra Cooper - BC Faculty
Director of Human Resources

Campus Minister

Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator

Head Men's Soccer Coach

Associate Dean of Students and Coordinator for Counseling Services

Sports Information Director

Assistant to Vice President & Dean for Students

Admissions Counselor & Liaison to the Fine Arts

Dr. Mo - BC Faculty
Associate Professor of Environmental Studies/ Coordinator of the Environmental Science and Environmental Studies Majors

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Associate Professor, Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education First Year Experience Coordinator

Assistant Director of Admissions

Sam Eastridge
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Adjunct Instructor- Music Theory and Composition

Jamie Elisor - BC Staff
Assistant Director of Admissions

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Director of Information Technology

Catalog & Acquisitions Librarian

Assistant Football Coach and Recruiting Coordinator

Sydney Folger - BC Faculty
Financial Aid Office Manager

Assistant Professor of Theatre

Adjunct Faculty- Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education

Jennifer Frick-Ruppert- BC Faculty
Professor of Biology and Environmental Science/ Science and Mathematics Division Chair

Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach

Staff Accountant

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College Postmaster

Admissions Counselor

Rebecca Gill - BC Faculty
Manager of Donor Records

Director of Internal Controls and Accountability

Anna Wagner - BC Faculty
Head Volleyball Coach

Head Climbing Coach

Associate Professor, Voice and Choral Music / Director of Choral Activities & Music Major Coordinator

Kathryn Gresham - BC Faculty
Associate Professor of Music, Voice / Fine Arts Division Chair

Belton Hammond - BC Faculty
Associate Professor of English

Mary Harris - BC Faculty
Administrative Assistant of Humanities/ Social Science

Information Services Librarian

Campus Visit Coordinator


kristen hewitt - BC faculty
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science and Physiology/ Coordinator of the Exercise Science Majors

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

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Assistant Professor of Biology

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Associate Professor of English

Finance Administrative Assistant

Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid

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Vice President of Philanthropic Development

Head Women's Basketball Coach

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Operations Assistant / Set-Up Coordinator

Stan Jacobson - BC Faculty
Director of Safety, Security and Risk Management

Assistant Athletic Director / SWA

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Men's and Women's Head Tennis Coach

Marie Jones - BC Faculty
Director of the Library

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Adjunct Instructor - Voice

Financial Aid Counselor


Jeff Joyce - BC Faculty
Director of Philanthropic Development

Professor of Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education/ Experiential Education Division Chair/ Director of Teaching and Learning and BCP

Megan Keiser - BC Faculty
Associate Professor of Elementary Education/ Childhood Education Coordinator/ EDTPA Licensure Program Coordinator/ BCP Faculty Development Coordinator

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Departmental Accompanist

Head Football Coach

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Adjunct Instructor – Piano, Departmental Accompanist

Stephen Knott
Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education/ Coordinator of Physical Education and Health curriculum

Administrative Assistant for Fine Arts

Koffman Leigh - BC Faculty
Administrative Assistant for Facilities

Director of Student Accessibility and Disability Services

Assistant Professor of History

Operations/Payroll Specialist

Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice

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Professor of 3-D Art and Sculpture, Coordinator of the Art Major

Assistant Sports Information Director

Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

Director of Compliance & Academic Services

Vice President of Finance and Operations / Chief Financial Officer (CFO) / Head Women's Soccer Coach

Sarah Maveety - BC Faculty
Assistant Professor Biology/ Coordinator of the Biology Major

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Application and Data Processing Manager

Assistant Professor of Art

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Visiting Assistant Professor of English/ First-Year Writing and ELC Writing Coordinator/ Coordinator of the Common Read

Departmental Accompanist

Student Accounts Manager

Adjunct Instructor / Guitar

Visiting Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Athletic Director/Executive Director of Strategy and Operations

Assistant Professor of Psychology/ Coordinator of the Psychology Major

Registrar Services Assistant

John Padgett - BC Faculty
Associate Professor of English/ Coordinator of the English Major/ SAKAI Coordinator/ Faculty Adviser of The Clarion

Director of Financial Affairs

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Adjunct Faculty of Art

Executive Assistant to the President and Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees

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Head Men's and Women's Cross Country and Track Coach

Assistant Mens Lacrosse Coach

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Director of Athletic Business Operations / Head Cheerleading and Dance Coach

Head Cycling Coach

Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Bands, Coordinator of Music Education

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Catering Chef

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

Art Department Office Manager

Dilshad Posnock
Adjunct Instructor, Flute

Instructor- Violin

Assistant Dean for Students for Career Development / Director of OCED

Tim Powers - BC Faculty
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice / Coordinator of the Criminal Justice Major

Director of Finance

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Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physical Science

Campus Technical Director

Associate Vice President for Finance / Controller

Gina Raicovich - BC Faculty
Assistant Professor of Science/Math

Kathryn Rasmussen - BC Faculty
Associate Professor of Mathematics/ Coordinator of the Mathematics Majors/ Faculty Coordinator of the Institute for Women in Leadership

Vance Reese
Assistant Professor of Music/ Coordinator of Piano Proficiency

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Accounts Payable Specialist

Library Night Manager

Head Women's Lacrosse Coach

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Assistant Women's Soccer Coach

Scott Sheffield - BC Faculty
Professor of History / Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

Manager of Alumni Giving and Special Events

Adjunct Instructor, Mezzo Soprano, Voice

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Director of Dining Services

Coordinatior Central Scheduling/ Summer Camps

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for Student Success/ Associate Professor of Theatre

Adjunct Instructor- Woodwind

Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach

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Library Technical Assistant

Technical Director

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Dining Supervisor

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Laboratory Coordinator, Administrative Assistant for Science & Math

Assistant Professor of Digital Media Art

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Adjunct Instructor

Associate Dean for First Year and International Students / Director of Student Engagement

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Morning Checker

Jubal Tiner - BC Faculty
Associate Professor English/ Chiaroscuro Faculty Adviser

Instructor of Percussion and Drumline Director

Cherie McGaha _ BC Faculty
Foundation Coordinator & Development Assistant

Ulrey Burkey - BC Faculty
Director of Facilities

Professor of Sociology and Social Science Division Chair

Assistant Director of Admissions & Transfer Student Coordinator

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Head Baseball Coach

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Charles Wallis - BC Faculty
Associate Professor of Mathematics

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Instructor of Computer Graphics and Digital Media

Admissions Counselor and International Students Coordinator

Network Manager

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HVAC Supervisor

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Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Adjunct Faculty - History

Nancy Willard - BC Faculty
Information Services Librarian